Mentors Expanding My Perspective


While in graduate school, I hit the road one afternoon in late November from Philadelphia, PA carrying a chair overhead with my sights set on Wilmington, DE. Intermittently, I snapped self-timer self-portraits in the chair over the course of the thirty-three mile journey. What I did not know then was that various mentors prepared me for that moment; to truly experiment with no reservations. The details were not ironed out, the thematic message unclear, yet that experimentation yielded a realization that my general interest in physical potentiality could find expression in a fine art context.

Today, my physicality continues to be fundamental to my practice. Currently, I have started the process of hand-sanding through three-quarter inch plywood sixty-three times on a four-foot by eight-foot piece of plywood. Two and half hours of continuous, physical sanding later reveals one smooth, layered cavity. Continuing this theme I am also nailing into wood, approximately 26,000 times. These latest projects are the labors of my physical potentiality realized in fine art objects.